Casting & Art

Clear resins, Coloured pigments, glow in the dark powders and more for artistic projects.


M.E.K.P. Catalyst.

Composite Cores & Thermo-Lite

Structural Composite Cores & Thermo-Lite Board

DIY Repair Kits

Pre-made Kits with everything you will need for your D.I.Y small fibreglass and gelcoat repairs.

Gelcoat / Flowcoat & Pigments

Gelcoat & Flowcoat Supplies For Finishing Fibreglass Projects.

Fibreglass Reinforcements

Chop Strand Matting (CSM) & Structural Fibreglass Supplies.

Fillers & Adhesive Glues

Talc, Cab-O-Sil & Adhesives.

Gunwale Rubber

Gunwale Rubber, End & Corner Caps, Adhesives required for fitment.

Positive Flotation

Pour foams & closed cell foams for buoyancy and marine applications.

Resins For Laminating

Epoxy & Polyester resin options, waxed and unwaxed.

Solvents & Additive Chemicals

Cleaning Acetone & Styrene Chemicals.

Tools & Equipment

All consumables & Tools you need for fibreglass prep, layup and finishing.